I was drawing berusasha kisses and then the chat exploded with this android AU (more on that later) and this happened XD


BeruSasha! And a movie kiss? The one from Tangled where Rapunzel grabs Flynn by the collar after he ‘isn’t dead’ and kisses him. Because Bertl is shy and Sasha is impulsive!

Sasha: I guess it’d have to be how warm and cuddly he is! Like  a giant teddy bear! 

Bertholdt: For me, it’s her confidence! She’s really overactive, it’s somewhat cute!

Although, we do love many things about each other!

This tablet  is going to take a looooong time to get used to.

I just got a new drawing tablet and decided to make this blog an ask blog as well as what it is right now! Feel free to ask questions! :)

The art won’t be the best (i’m still getting used to it!)

Real talk though, Papa. If that Bertl boy wasn't a Titan shifter wouldn't he be a good match for your little girl?


"3rd in class and a nice kid. Kinda quiet and shy though… I reckon I wouldn’t mind if Sasha had a boy like that."

((Shhhhh anon. BeruSasha is adorable but… Do not tempt me with your witchcraft! There is JeanSasha and only JeanSasha. *chants “Don’t Stop Believin”*))

Please make fanfiction/fanart Jean get jealous with Sasha and Bertholdt pleaseeeee I really like SashaxBertholdt but I like JeanxSasha the most xD

Can anyone take up this request? (i can’t write fanfic for crap!)

Snk middle age fantasy au where a bishop curses Bertholdt and Sasha to be separated but together. By day Sasha is a hawke and by night Bert is a wolf and then Jean helps them break the curse
Do you know where can I read some Beruasha fanfics? I've been searching but I only could find like... two, lol. Thanks! :3

There aren’t much fanfics for the pairing but we have an archive on our blog of some we found! :) 

you can also check


{Video not mine, but wow. Nicely edited to tell a story.}