WIP SashaxJeanBertlEren — can someone make a dating game for me of these 4 kthx.
(I don’t know what to do with Sasha’s face)


Sasha: and they probably talk unpleasant things about me..

Connie: ahahhaha…haha…ha.. i think not

((arrgggghh!! still getting used to my tablet after I haven’t used it for a while.. sigh.. my wips weren’t even saved after that event..fvck oh well.))


((I bet these two’s really shy about the ‘date’ thing. I imagine they wouldn’t really ask her directly, but that’s just me! Jean though, I think he’ll be pretty sweet. And her really wants to cook for her.))




tsundere jean <3

2nd part — also lazy artwork, fanimetirednesshype


Jean: [to Bertl] it’s not like we’re gonna smooch!! idek how

Sasha: *wishes she had her a camera*

Since it was brought up earlier, Bert x Sasha. I'm curious about this


OKAY. Here it goes~

makes the bed in the mornings

  • Bert is the one that does it for sure. He doesn’t mind tidying up after Sasha here and there.

has sole posession of the T.V. Remote

  • Bert gladly gives it away to Sasha.

stays up until 2am reading

  • I could maybe see Bert doing this? Sometimes Sasha snores and he can’t sleep so he just sits up late and reads.

is the bigger cuddler

  • I see them both being big cuddlers. Sasha is the one that initiates cuddling but Bert can get very affectionate about it when he wants to.

does the laundry

  • I see Bert being the one to do this. He doesn’t mind cleaning at all. Plus he gets to handle Sasha’s lingerie.

mows the lawn

  • Bert definitely does this one. Sasha likes to make him do it shirtless so she can watch.

is better at budgeting

  • I don’t think either of them would be good at it. Sasha spends and Bert just lets her because he has a hard time saying no.

instigates the sex (and who’s into the kinkier stuff)

  • Sasha would probably be the one to initiate it AND be into the kinkier stuff. Bert is pretty much just in it for the ride. I could see them switching too. Bert would be affectionate but not all that creative.


1st part — sorry for splitting them up, tumblr kept messing with the resolution when I tried to photoset.


um mikasa thinking about jean, sasha thinking about bertholdt and mina thinking about marco. 

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