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Damn you BeruSasha Anon!

All of a sudden I’m craving BeruSasha moments ala Jon Snow and Ygritte from Game of Thrones.

Imagine Sasha being a playful troll to the generally shy and antsy Bertholdt. Like, remember how Sasha convinced Reiner to hunt the boar the OVA? Imagine Sasha doing stuff like…

So apparently I heard BeruSasha is a thing and I????

» We’re back!

Sorry for the long hiatus! I was on a holiday! :)

But we’re back now and we’re busy (?) again! 

here's a challenge: write a paragraph on why berusasha is so shippable:)

Challenge accepted! 

Well, Berusasha is an interesting pair. People say that it’s a crack pairing and that they’ve never interacted and that’s true! But if you look closely at the characters, they complement one another. And it’s not just their appearance. 

Their personalities go well, you have an outgoing and energetic girl with a introverted quiet guy. If they were a couple it would be super cool because Sasha would take the lead and all. It’s easy to imaagine them together, you can see them sharing food, cooking , laughing at stupid things, having little cute quarrels  or just chilling around. And you know how Sasha was/is always scared of titans, you can see Bertholdt comforting her as she hugs him and sobs.  Plus, there’s like a height difference, even if it’s a small one :3

I don’t know, i think their personalities alone is enough to make them shippable. I know there’s always the typical couple a  with love-hate relationship. These two, they are are total opposites and i think that it’d be a nice change.

Plus have you seen them fanarts? HAVE YOU??

I hope this is okay, lol! i’m about to go out so i just quickly wrote what came to my mind! :)

進撃】ベルサシャらくがき2 l 友紀

Berusasha(send the ship thing)


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who cooks normally?:

Sasha likes to cook for Bertholdt because seeing him smile and say her food tastes good is like the sugar in her morning coffee <3

進撃】ベルサシャらくがき2 l 友紀

進撃】ベルサシャらくがき2 l 友紀